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Vision Statement of the P’egp’íg7lha Clan



We are the P’egp’íg7lha of the St'át'ímc Nation. The Creator placed us here and that connection to our land can never be broken. The traditional ways, values and laws of our ancestors are held in the St'át'ímc language and are written on the land.  Our Elders have passed them down in the stories to the children and grandchildren since the beginning. We are committed to working together to build our community in a good way that is based on the teachings of our ancestors. We will:

1.Show respect for the Creator and all of creation including ourselves

2.Live in harmony with all things

3.Learn and speak our St'át'ímc language

4.Maintain, practice and teach our traditional ways to our children

5.Govern according to our traditional values and principles

6.Strive for and maintain self sufficiency and independence for our community

7. Ratify our traditional values and principles in a written constitution

These ideals will guide us on our journey. 


The Peg’pig’lha Clan live on T'it'q'et (Lillooet IR1), Qwixwen(6Mile), Sk'wel'suit (Kilchut IR3), Q'aq'peqw, Txwinek, and Sk'emqin (Seton Lake).

Facilities Available on Reserve include Community Hall, Youth & Resource Center, Preschool, Daycare, Ucwalmicw Centre, and our Arts & Crafts Building.


Our Dream

This is the dream of the P'egp'iglha clan.

Our Words come from our hearts. We will look after

ourselves and each other. We will make our own laws. We will show our children the right way to live. We will follow our own way of life as did our ancestors and as will our future generations.