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T'it'q'et found that the s7istken that was built from the ground up, with the assistance of Grand

Chief Jimmy Scotchman, was no longer safe; it was decided that another one be built to dedicate

to our Grand Chief Jimmy  Scotchman. We would like to honor those who gave their time to assist

with the building and completion of our s7istken. We honor:

  • Chief Bill Machell
  • Shelley Leech
  • Herb Billy
  • Boyd Billy
  • Clayton Spike
  • Leon Tom
  • Debra Taylor
  • Cory LaRochelle
  • Herman Barney
  • Russell Adolph
  • Lloyd Napoleon Sr.
  • Michael Alexander
  • Chad Alexander
  • John Dormor
  • Koochie Charlie
  • Desmond Peters Sr.
  • Shannon Jacob
  • Bob Dew
  • Willy Moffat
  • Alan James
  •  Sue Adolph
  • Garret Moyer
  • Jerri James
  • Glady Williams
  • Jarred James
  • LGS Contracting
  • Buy Low Foods
  • Globe & Mail News
  • Ainsworth
  • Bridge River News
  • St'at'imc Runner

    Click here to see the s7istken in the making

                                                                   Old S7istken



                                                                       New S7istken