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St'at'imc Books

Here are some recommended books regarding the St'at'imc

Language and History :

·  St'at'imc Phrases & Greetings 

·  Our Stories are Written on the Land: A Brief History of the Upper St'at'imc 1800-1940 

- Trefor Smith

·  Nqwal'uttenlhkalha:English to St'at'imc Dictionary  

- Beverly Frank, Rose Whitley, Jan Van Eike

·  The Same as Yesterday

 - Joanne Drake-Terry

·  Indian History of British Columbia- Impact of the White Man 

-        Wilson Duff

·       Cuystwi Malh Ucwalmicwts – Lillooet Legends & Stories

-(St’at’imc Storytellers)

·       The Journal of American Folklore Vol. XXV – Traditions of the Lillooet Indians of BC <<Lillooet Legends

-(James Teit