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St'at'imc Values

St’at’imc Values

The St’at’imc way of life has traditionally been linked to the land and the gifts of the seasons. St’at’imc people have always understood that the natural order upon which their lives depend involve balance and respect among all the people and creatures, including not only those living in the present but also those of the past and future. ‘Sharing and caring’ are important traditional family concepts.The connections and concepts identified above are at the heart of St’at’imc values and principles and are reflected in the following workshop statements:

·         All living things are brothers and sisters

·         Respect all living things, Mother Earth, family, language and culture.

·         Care for the ancestors seven generations back

·         Care for the future seven generations

·         Take only what we need

·         Live with self-reliance, nature, families, our language, culture and land.

·         Share sustainable natural resources

·         Share what you have

·         Help one another in everyday life whenever one can

·         Preserve language and culture

·         Pass on knowledge, traditional skills (food preservation, fishing, hunting,etc.) and ways  (bartering, sharing resources,etc.)