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St'at'imc Goals

St’at’imc   Goals


  • To use the land as St’at’imc ancestors did both spiritually & self-reliantly,

-        For the use of future generations

-        Sharing, taking what one needs

-        Undertaking practices such as burning to enhance resources


  • To ensure the health and wealth of food and wildlife resources for present and future St’at’imc generations by,

-        Preserving and maximizing St’at’imc resources

-        Assisting neighbours in the natural preservation of T’it’qet land, air, and water.


  • To develop a working relationship with governments and corporations that promotes and equal and independent voice for the St’at’imc people. This voice would ensure that environmental and social costs (and not just capital costs) are factored in industrial/capital development.
  • To preserve the water and air—assure they are clean for the future
  • To resolve land use claim issues
  • To obtain unity among all St’at’imc communities
  • To replenish all fish stocks that were in the lakes and rivers
  • To bring back the St’at’imc language and ways--document and use place names for future generations