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P’egp’íg7lha Traditional Council

P’egp’ig7lha Traditional Council 


Representative Alternate
Chairperson/Tribal Chief Shelley Leech  
Machell Family Carl Machell  Charlene Machell
Scotchman FamilyMike Leach Mildred Mackenzie
Billy Family Herbie Billy Dean Billy
Napoleon Family Marilyn Napoleon George Napoleon
Bones/Otis FamilyGenevieve Humphreys Megan Thorne
Paul Hixon Family Yvonne Scotchman Norm Leech
Barney FamilyChristine Barney Marie Barney
Bob FamilyDoreen Copeland
 Mark Copeland
James FamilyNora Greenway 
Brigman Family Luther Brigman  

The Peg’pig’7lha Council, comprised of family representatives, is hereby mandated to carry out the following governing responsibilities:

•    Conduct Government –to-Government and Nation-to-Nation negotiations related to St’át’imc Title and Rights.
•    Finalize P’egp’ig7lha governing documents including the constitution, laws, policies, and procedures.
•    Work with Elders Council to create a system of Laws to protect the traditional territory;

    Make rules regarding and advocate for tribal/traditional territories and represent community on these issues.
•    Work with the T’ít’q’et Council to address community issues as required
•    Work with Youth.
•    Gather input from studies, needs assessments, and the legal status of issues related to the traditional territory, and generally keep informed about issues.
•    Negotiate on behalf of the P’eg’pig7lha with all parties whose activities may impact upon the P’egp’ig7lha.
•    Communicate, inform, consult with the people, and monitor broad input ensuring all have a voice.
•    Seek advice of Elders Council to ensure St’át’imc principles are maintained.
•    Seek ratification for decisions form the P’egp’ig7lha.
•    Maintain Intra and Inter-tribal relations on behalf of the P’egp’ig7lha.
•    Keep abreast of the address International issues effecting Indigenous peoples.

The Tribal Chief will report to and chair all P’egp’ig7lha Council meetings.  The P’egp’i7lha Council will meet once monthly, and will meet with the Elders’ Council and the T’ít’q’et Council quarterly.

Signed at T’ít’q’et, this 29th day of September, the year 2002.