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Mildred Mackenzie


Cora Billy


Mark Copeland


Luther Brigman


Dean Pelegrin  (Alt:Evelyn James)


Megan Thorne

(Alt:Sydney Scotchman.;Marshall Thorne)


Lucie Scotchman (Alt:MikeScotchman)


Carl Machell


Diana Adolph


Stephanie Barney

P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee
Draft Terms of Reference

Motion passed at T’ít’q’et community meeting October 2007. That we develop one committee system for Administration that includes one representative from each of the traditional families who will be responsible for the appointment to the committee.

•    The P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to Chief and Council in all programs and services of Administration that Council requires.
•    It will be comprised of people appointed from and by each of the T’ít’q’et traditional families.
•    The committee shall meet regularly as required.
•    Meetings will open to T’ít’q’et members except where the committee requires discussions to be in camera.
•    Quorum – the quorum for the P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee shall be 5.
•    Chair – the committee shall select a chairperson from among their membership.
•    Terms – appointments to the committee shall be for a 2 year term and the term limit shall be 3 terms.
•    Eligibility – all members of the committee must belong to one of the T’ít’q’et traditional families. Committee members may not be the current family representative on P’egp’íg7lha Council.
•    If fewer than 2 of the committee are younger than 30, then additional committee seat(s) will be created to ensure 2 youth seats on the committee at all times. Council will appoint youth seats and the same conditions will apply as other committee seats.
•    Absence from 3 consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation is grounds for removal from the committee. Removal will be by vote of a quorum of the committee.
•    Minutes of all committee meetings and recommendations must be recorded and maintained.
•    The duties and responsibilities of the P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee will include but will not be limited to the following:
o    Developing, reviewing and interpreting policies and procedures of T’ít’q’et Administration as directed by Council.
o    Participating in planning and setting goals and objectives for T’ít’q’et Administration.
o    Advocating on behalf of the T’ít’q’et community interest.
o    Communicating effectively with community, Councils and staff.