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Steering Group

 Sxeks ta nt’ákmensa I P’egp’í7lha.ha
Traditional Laws of the P’egp’í7lha


Steering Group


The Steering Group will carry out, specifically related to this project, the following terms of reference:

1.    Guide the development of the Constitutional Framework.
2.    Propose adoption of the final draft of the Constitution to the general Assembly of the People.
3.    Promote a sense of community toward the development of our Traditional Government, e.g. promote support within the families.
4.    Promote capacity building towards self government.
5.    Provide direction to the Working Committee.
6.    Review all Working Committee reports and recommendations.
7.    Approve all budgets and staffing.
8.    Determine the agenda and the scheduling of the community workshops.
9.    Ensure the cooperation and support of the T’ít’q’et Administration.
10.    Meet quarterly or as required.

The Steering Group will consist of the Tribal Chief/Alternate, Elders, Chief and Council.  The Tribal Chief/Alternate will act as the Chair.  These terms may be amended by the Steering Group as required.  The Terms of Reference adopted on May 26, 1998 by the Steering Group.