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Rec.Centre Funds Terms of Reference

Rec. Centre Funds Terms of Reference 

1.           The P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee will be responsible for overseeing the Rec. Centre Funds.

2.           order for the P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee to provide equitable and consistent individual service to the community, the following operating guidelines have been implemented.

3.           Within the limits of funding available each year the P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee may approve use within the following guidelines:

4.           Must be a registered T’ít’q’et member or a T’ít’q’et community member

5.           T’ít’q’et Administration may arrange monthly facility rentals for community members and guests.

6.           All decisions of the P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee regarding Rec. Centre Funds must be in the form of a motion and must be recorded in the Minutes of the Meeting.

7.           This Terms of Reference has been adopted at a regular meeting of the P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee meeting on April 2, 2009 and may be amended from time to time by a motion passed by the P’egp’íg7lha Community Committee.

 AppendixAppendices A 

  1. Registered T’ít’q’et Members and Community Members:

2.           Drop-in programs: ice rink, swimming pool, gym, weight room

3.     skates  - included in ice rink rentals

4.           Monthly rentals: ice rink, swimming pool, gym

5.     skates  - included in ice rink rentals

  1. Registered T’ít’q’et Members Only:

7.               All sports and fitness activities directly related to  Rec. Centre programs

8.               Special consideration for exceptionalities: with written request

 Appendices B  

  1. NOT eligible for Rec. Centre Funds are:

2.     Programs run independent of the Rec. Centre.

3.     Example:  Boxercise